29 August 2005

26 August 2005


Last show, last trailer: I meant to get a picture of the last interviewee, but the shutter stalled and I got this instead.

22 August 2005

Ernie the 12-toed cat

From the Saturday night showing of 12 TOES at the Music Box, one of the 5 short trailers for the Chicago Underground Film Festival.

21 August 2005

Chicago cowboy

Alcala's, on the Chicago Avenue mesa.

20 August 2005


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51 programs at the Chicago Underground Film Festival.

19 August 2005

16x9 to 4x3

The short before the premiere of the first of five CUFF trailers I directed [and which was shot and edited by Amy Cargill] was in 16x9 format, which necessitated an impromptu Q&A to vamp for time and a visible readjustment of the video projector in the background by the estimable Mr. James Bond. [Sad I had only a mini-tripod with me.]

18 August 2005

16 August 2005

Tomorrow's "decisive moments"

In the Guardian, curator William A Ewing wonders about the "decisive moments" of the future in a strong think-piece about digital photography. "The digital revolution is implicitly democratic, levelling the playing field and blurring the line between amateur and professional. The cheapest camera on the market advises, questions, scolds, adjusts, corrects. The little electronic genie within tells us when we can do what we want, and when we can't. It makes a mockery of the expert... Photojournalists now find themselves upstaged by amateurs, who just happen to be on the spot of some catastrophic event and are eager to share "breaking news" with millions. Even those of us with bottom-of-the-line digital cameras (or mobile phones) are achieving images of satisfactory quality. Amateurs with artistic pretensions may soon be buying aesthetic software, inserting a Cartier-Bresson chip to guarantee that shots come out as "decisive moments", or a Bill Brandt chip to ensure moody, contrasty nudes. For observers of photography, it seems like a turning point full of crazy, creative promise. But for serious young photographers about to embark on careers as artists, such widespread democracy poses a threat. What room in this everyone-is-a-photographer-world, they may ask, can there possibly be for me? And assuming there are a substantial number of committed, curious young people willing to take up the challenge of photography in this moment of breathtaking change, how do we go about finding them?" [More at the link.]

13 August 2005

Little LED lost

Little LED lost
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The saddest raver.

11 August 2005

10 August 2005

Garden of...

Wicker, the Park, by night.

07 August 2005

A touch of glass

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Light falls in Mayfair.

04 August 2005

Ye Grapes

Wednesday afternoon and 73F in London's Shepherd's Market and the drinkers adjourn to the outdoors.