29 October 2008

I tagged him as a Marxist months ago: the eternal future of Republican politics

Don't the disgraced, like the corrupt Tom DeLay, ever slink away in the modesty of shame? It's an American story!

25 October 2008

The brightest minds of Orlando gather round the guttering fire

Is this woman typical of local news coverage in the United States? I've spent time in Orlando, which is a nutty place, but is she the creme de la creme? Is Barack Obama a dedicated follower of Karl Marx? Is elocution no longer taught to newsreaders? Am I missing something? She is from [LINK WARNING: A "FAIR AND BALANCED" VIDEO STARTS INSTANTLY] the local FOX affiliate, but still... [As her bio asserts: "I covered the inauguration of President Bush and the impeachment of President Clinton. When Hillary Clinton attempted to reform our health care system, I traveled to Canada to examine the Canadian national health care system as a possible model for the U.S. From the heart of Ukraine, I was the only Western reporter to broadcast from inside the nuclear reactor building at Chernobyl on the 10th anniversary of the nuclear disaster there. I also uncovered the long term toll in increased incidence of cancer."] Uncovered the long-term toll in cancer in Chernobyl? While inside the reactor? Maverick.

Fighting Crime is Thirsty Work

19 October 2008

This must be good for John McCain

Do you think McCain would appoint this Representative as his head of Homeland Security in his rotisserie cabinet?

09 October 2008


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04 October 2008