21 July 2006

Morning glory

Against the blankest blue Chicago summer sky, brilliant orange shards of fire and shrapnel cut through an arm of metal and tarnish a few feet from my head: so that's what that sound was right outside my window this ungodly hour of the morning. Shreds of alloy and nibbles of wire rain down on the street sweeper below. Two workers in safety vests and yellow helmets, each tethered with a safety umbilicus, in a scissor lift are eyelevel with my third floor bedroom window, grinding and twisting and yanking and sawing at the old green traffic signal, half the size of a man.

15 July 2006


Bourdain in Beirut: the mojitos are great

"Kitchen Confidential" chef Anthony Bourdain is stuck in Lebanon, reports NY Post's PageSix: "The best-selling author... flew to Beirut on Sunday with a camera crew from his Travel Channel series, "No Reservations," to do a show on the local cuisine. But after the thunderous assault on the city... Bourdain and his crew holed up at the Moevenpick Hotel while they waited for evacuation instructions from the State Department. "Our network, our friends and our families just want us out of here as soon as possible," Bourdain told Page Six yesterday afternoon, as Israeli shells exploded in the distance. "We're not getting a show out of this . . . I just wanna hang out and drink at the bar. The mojitos here are great... After spending Monday and Tuesday eating his way through Beirut and befriending locals, Bourdain and his crew partied at local nightclubs into the wee hours. "This is a party town," he explained. "Everyone in this city is [bleeping] gorgeous. It's like L.A. It's a totally international, sophisticated city. Everyone speaks English and throws dollars around."

06 July 2006

Ivy house

Its surface ripples, layers deep, in the wind.