28 February 2009

26 February 2009

22 February 2009

Dutch treat

It's not a review, per se, but someone in the Netherlands did notice my portfolio of Chicago-after-the-movies photographs.

14 February 2009

09 February 2009

04 February 2009

01 February 2009

Links of the day

As always, there's new work daily at this is 606. Also recently posted, at Film in Focus, is a commissioned piece, a portfolio of 50 photographs of Chicago that parallel my memories of movies shot in this city. From the introduction: "Movies, however great or awful, play in present tense. But memories deepen them, like in the most cryptic reaches of dreams. Movies go on location in search of this thisness, for authenticity. If you know a city, or wish you could know it, glimpses of a familiar or iconographic landscape will pull you into yourself. I feel that way thinking of movies set in Chicago. These pictures began as research for an as-yet unproduced screenplay set in the city where I've lived almost all my adult life. The images became a lucid dreaming of sorts, of customary paths and recurrent figures. But as well, they reflect impressions of half-remembered or misremembered movies set on this patch of prairie by the water, working as parallels of mood in mind, if not precisely what you would find slipping a DVD out of its case and into this moment in time." [The portfolio is here; this photo is part of the selection.]