27 March 2006

This is the paragraph for today

"In the flesh, Heap is a gangly, voluble 28-year-old who looks, in the best possible way, as if she has been dragged through a theatre wardrobe backwards. Her studio, in an insalubrious corner of south London, seems like an extension of her personality: a treasure trove of creative clutter. Lights shaped like dragonflies dangle from the ceiling; a cello and guitar hang from the wall; flight cases litter the floor. Against one wall stands her mother's piano, the same one at which she spent most of her Essex childhood. She also plays cello, clarinet and a Zimbabwean thumb piano called a mbira. "I wanted to be either an astronaut or a composer, and gradually I decided that a composer was more likely." —Dorian Lynskey in the Guardian, talking to singer Imogen Heap.