02 January 2007

Story Schmory II

Alfonso Cuarón, via whataboutblack.
NY Times' David Carr is is being kind again: "A while ago, the Bagger linked to Ray Pride's interview with Alfonso Cuarón, in which he said that story qua story was waaaaaay overrated. The point was well made, but the Bagger thought again about the value of narrative this weekend when he made his way through several screeners, including The Painted Veil and Water... [E]ven though the Bagger knew how [The Painted Veil] ended, he was pulled through by the story. It is a grand film, and yeah, the sets and the acting are spectacular, but it is the story that kept the Bagger watching deep into the night. The same for Water, another tale of tragic love that is born[e] aloft by a great story. You know that the story of an impossibly lovely Indian widow will end horribly, but you can't look away. We are all 10-year-olds at heart, ready for bed, but begging to be told "one more story." These are two that should not be missed."