07 April 2008


Thesis, antithesis, synthesis: Mr. McCain's comments advocating the eternal war in Iraq and its great success is interrupted by breaking news about the day's attacks on the Green Zone. "Faced with the prospect of defeat, we had two fundamental choices. We could retreat from Iraq and accept the horrible consequences of our defeat. Or we could change strategies and try to turn things around. It was, I believe, a critical moment in our nation’s history, and a time of testing for our nation’s political leadership. In the year that has passed, our nation showed its strength—" "And speaking of Iraq, we do have breaking news out of Iraq, where at least four mortars have been fired into the heavily-fortified Green Zone today. It’s unclear at this time if there are casualties or any major damage. Now the news comes just a day after five U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq. Two, again, inside that Green Zone…"