09 August 2010

Don DeLillo talks to Robert McCrum

Words from an infrequent interviews subject, in the Observer, Don DeLillo, by editor Robert McCrum: "Face to face, DeLillo talks like a man who could imagine many lives and who has certainly run the gamut of the American dream. Confronted with a lifetime of experience, he confesses that his age "doesn't seem quite real. It's not meaningful. I can't quite imagine myself being 73. That's the age my father was!" He laughs. "How can I be his age? It's weird." So how old does he feel? "Well, I'm still in my 20s for sure. I'm pretty fit. I used to go for a daily run, but now I exercise at home to avoid the weather. I stick to a routine. But when I'm between work, I don't panic. I suppose I have the Italian element of enjoying a certain amount of leisure." [More at the link.]