09 August 2010

John Waters' routines

"Oh, I have such a routine it’s ludicrous. Monday to Friday, I get up everyday at six AM, read about six or seven newspapers, look at my emails, and at exactly eight o’clock: write. Every day. I have to think up something, even if I’m not writing a book. Today I’m working on my next draft of a spoken-word act I do. So I write every day at eight. If I’m thinking something up, plot-wise, I can only go for two hours. If I’m writing, I can go until twelve. And then in the afternoon with my assistants, we sell it. I think it up in the morning and sell it in the afternoon. Friday night I drink, Saturday night and Sunday I don’t work. But sometimes I have to work if it’s a personal appearance and they’re paying me. If they’re paying me, I take the job. My other ritual is that I write in longhand. On this one kind of legal pad called AMPAD Evidence. I like BIC pens, the clear black ones. And I have to use an exact kind of scotch tape when I cut things up—Scotch Magic Finish Tape. And I have to use the same style scissors."