30 October 2004

Iggy pops

The Observer's Miranda Sawyer has a ball with the exuberant Mr. James Osterberg down in Miami: He looks amazing, as he always has done. Whippet body burnt to leathery teak, hair blonde and straggly, face like a cartoon: boggle eyes, sunken cheeks, turned up nose, shark grin... 'Well, hey!' says Iggy, enthusiastically. 'Come on and look at my river! Isn't it beautiful?'... In a city of show-stopping women, Iggy's girlfriend, Nina, could get a man arrested: a green-eyed, half-Nigerian, half-Irish amazon, who gave up air hostessing to take care of him. They have been together five years. Her looks really tickle Iggy: 'I'm the old git with the chick with the bam-BOW, the [Rolls] convertible, the little old rock band ... the kinds of happiness that eluded me at 14 are mine now!'