20 October 2004

One of those daze

Really want to finish reading the newspapers, but I'm running so late; I meant to transcribe a David Gordon Green interview about Undertow, and my piece for next week about a conversation with Cornell West about his Democracy Matters needs a last polish, but I also need to sketch out a question list for an interview this afternoon with Alexander Payne and Virginia Madsen about his lovely new movie, Sideways, as well as make notes for my photo presentation at tonight's 20x20x20x20 event at buddY Gallery, which is almost directly after a tasting at Wave, the new restaurant at the W Hotel Lakeshore.

But the coffee's not clicking. Jason's in the cafe, too, posting notices about the Modernist Society's next Last Thursday event at Darkroom and I wind up sitting down to proselytize for William Gibson's Pattern Recognitions when I discover he's never heard of the writer.

Plus! A last-minute email from the fashionistas at the New York Times! European designers bid farewell to ladylike clothes last week. Spring fashion will look younger, looser and more gamine than fall's dressy effects.

Out-of-doors, the sky is gray and you can feel mist on your cheeks.