25 October 2004

The world into which I was born...

A long and heartfelt review of the Tate Modern's Robert Frank retrospective by Adrian Searle in Tuesday's Guardian: I cannot look at the London that Frank photographed in the winter of 1952 without thinking that it's a faraway world, and yet also the world into which I was born. A place of smog, top-hatted city gents in Threadneedle Street, short-trousered kids on cold wet cobbles, a slick black hearse parked in the grainy, washed-out morning. Black-and-white photography, seemingly, was made for this, for the rancid light of the London Underground, the 1930s still clinging like fog to the early 1950s.

And here's a look at the history behind Frank's long-suppressed Rolling Stones documentary, C--------- Blues.